It’s official…

I picked up my race packet this afternoon.  The race is on Sunday.  That gives me 2 1/2 days to question what I’ve done over the past 5 weeks.   Did I train hard enough, long enough?  Am I in over my head?  I try to override this type of thinking with positive thoughts (and lots of prayer!), but it finds a way to sneak in when I least expect it.

I had originally signed up in the age category.  That in itself was irritating because I had to register under the age that I would be as of Dec, 2011.  Yup, I had to register as a 40 year old…I am not 40 yet!!!  When I looked at the wave start for that age group, I saw that it didn’t begin until 7:34 (swim starts at 7:10) and there were only two groups after it.  I was already nervous that I would be one of the final finishers and that about put me over the edge.  I decided to see if I could choose another option: register in the Athena category.  To qualify to be an Athena you have to weigh over 150 lbs and I definitely qualify!  😀  I called the race company and they said that was no problem to switch!  Yay!  The Athena/Clydesdale wave is second and starts at 7:14.  I feel better about that start time and feel like I have more a headstart. The other good news is that my bike is fixed!  I feel much more confident now that the gears are new.

Anywhoodle, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with what I need to do before Sunday AM.  I need to prepare for my transitions and get my gear together.  I need to find my mental toughness, as I believe this will take as long as my half marathon did, maybe longer.  I’m nervous about the swim start and am not looking forward to getting an elbow or a foot anywhere near my face!

Regardless, I will Finish Strong!!!!

(This is where you tell me I can do it!!)  🙂




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Wife, mom, daughter, friend, runner, scrapbooker, teacher
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3 Responses to It’s official…

  1. Clydesdale wave!? That’s an…interesting name.

    Good luck, Amy! I wish I could be there, but I know you’ll be amazing even without me telling you not to poop. If anyone can do this, I know it’s you.

  2. Judi says:

    You can totally do this! I wish I could be there to cheer you on, but I hope I’ll see you at the breakfast later upon your glorious victory!!! I think it’s awesome that you are doing a tri….really admire you for it!!! You are going to do great!

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