Did you know the Columbus Marathon/Half Marathon is tomorrow?!!  I can’t believe the hype that has been made about it all over the city.  I didn’t realize how big a deal this race would be.  I’m excited to a part of it…one of the 17,000 runners and walkers who will descend upon downtown tomorrow morning!  🙂

I’ve had a fun day preparing for the race.  I went to the Expo this morning with LeDawn and Julie and we were able to walk around for awhile looking at all the cool running gear.  This afternoon, Deb came over and we made an uber awesome birthday shirt for Judi to wear tomorrow!  It will go perfectly with her tiara that she plans on wearing.  🙂

Tonight, I’ve just been relaxing and getting my gear ready for tomorrow.  The nerves are beginning to set in.  I feel phantom and real pains.  I’m regretting my 2 mile run this morning thinking I feel shin splints and worrying that they will rear their ugly head tomorrow during my run.  I don’t want to pressure myself, but I would love to PR.  My biggest fear always: stomach issues.

I wonder sometimes…is this all worth it?  The training, the pressure I put on myself, is it worth the stress?  The answer is always a resounding YES!  A year ago I never would have thought that I would be running 3 half marathons in one year.  Heck, one half marathon was only a dream…a far off dream.  The health and fitness I have gained…the wonderful friends I have made…the confidence in myself that I now is all worth it.  I’ve run over 500 MILES this year!  Wow!

No matter what my race is like tomorrow, I go knowing that I’m prepared and have put in the work necessary to finish.  I might not PR but I”ll run the race.  I’ll finish strong!

Do you get nervous before a race or big life event?  How do you deal with it?


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One Response to Nerves

  1. Judi says:

    My shirt is amazing and I love you guys for doing that for me! It looked great with my tiara, but more because I knew people I loved took time out of their lives to think of me. Thanks!!!

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