Finish Strong Sunday

I had another good weigh-in yesterday!  I lost another 1.8 pounds for a total of 10.2!  Yeeehawww!  🙂

I was a little worried this week.  I had been on a girl’s weekend and while I hadn’t gone crazy, I  knew I had eaten more than I normally do.  I counted most everything that went into my mouth.  I ran 3 hilly miles and earned activity points.  Most of all, I listened to that little voice inside of me and tried to obey it!

It was sooooo hard!  There was an abundance of chocolate and chips, my two weaknesses.  Luckily, there was also a lot of veggies and fruit for me to snack on.  I definitely got all of my fruit and vegetable servings in!  🙂  Instead of going out for pizza on Friday night, my friend’s mom made chili for us.  It was delicious and filling…and a lot less points than pizza.  Saturday afternoon, we headed to an Asian Buffet restaurant.   Again, a difficult place to go while trying to be healthy and eat moderately.  I had large portion of salad and a little bit of lo mein, a spring roll and teriyaki chicken.  That was all.  I really wanted to eat a lot more but didn’t want to sabotage myself.

I have to admit I hardly ate on Sunday until after my weigh-in.  I don’t want to make that a weekly habit.  I don’t want to play the “game.”  It is easier to weigh-in in the morning and my friend and I are thinking about switching to a Saturday morning meeting.  The only thing is that I need that weekend accountability to keep myself on track.

I think I’ll be posting soon about the holiday season and food.  Why do they always seem to go together?  More on that later…

In other words, my 3 mile run felt great!  🙂  Even with the hills, my legs felt strong and my endurance was good.  I had to stop at the top of a few hills and catch my breath before tackling another one.  I am going to be speeding up my weekly runs.  I ran a 12 minute pace today for 2 miles and it felt comfortable.  I also want to try tempo runs.  My Saturday LSD will remain at a 13 minute pace.  I’m not leaving my Lucky 13s!!  🙂

Have you done tempo runs?  Speed workouts?


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3 Responses to Finish Strong Sunday

  1. I like the morning meeting idea. It’s way better than the starvation game (and it won’t conflict with book club!).

  2. Way to go, Amy! On your weight loss and your pace! I’m telling you – YOU are fast!!! 😉

    Awesome job on being smart during a girls weekend – I’m going to keep your tips in mind next time I have something special going on!

  3. Mandy says:

    I missed this! Congrats on your willpower! I’m in total awe!

    The first time I trained I did every single run the same pace, so I’ve never truly done speed workouts….but I intend to in the future.

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