Weight Watchers and a Romantic Wine Weekend Getaway don’t mix!

Knowing that I wouldn’t be home in time to weigh-in on Sunday, I weighed-in on Friday afternoon.  I lost 1.2 and have lost over 15 pounds now!

*Alert*  You may want to skip the rest of my post due to the sappy nature of it…

That said, I think I drank most of my points in wine this weekend!  Rich and I went to Geneva on the Lake State Park lodge on Saturday.  It has been quite a while since we have had some “couple time” and was greatly needed.  It’s easy to get in the rut of being parents, forgetting that you really love this person and want to spend time together sans children.

We had booked a Wine Weekend package.  Our dinner and breakfast were included in the weekend, as well as a bottle of wine and glasses.   On our trip there, we did a tour of covered bridges in the area.  Apparently  there are quite a few in Ashtabula County!  We saw about 8 bridges and stopped at one to have lunch.

There are also a lot of wineries in the area.  After a 4 mile hike along the water, we went to 2 local ones and did the sample wine tasting at each.  I highly recommend the Firehouse Winery.  We were able to sample 10 sweet wines (we prefer sweet to dry) and they were delicious!  We also got  free glasses at the wineries, so now we have quite a collection!  🙂

Back to Weight Watchers…I went over in my points.  Both days.  I didn’t even track and I don’t feel guilty.  I  had a great time being with Rich.   I knew that come Monday, I would get back on plan.  Keep me accountable, please!

Do you enjoy weekends away?  What was your favorite one?




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2 Responses to Weight Watchers and a Romantic Wine Weekend Getaway don’t mix!

  1. Mandy says:

    That sounds like an absolutely fabulous weekend! Good for you and hubby!!!!!

  2. Awesome! That sounds like a wonderful weekend, and I am so happy you and your husband your go spend some time together – we all need that once in awhile, I know!

    Michael and I went on a bike ride yesterday (as you know) and it was great just to be together and not have to worry about work or being somewhere or anything like that. It really strengthens your relationship and reaffirms how you feel about that other person! We don’t have children, but we get sidelined sometimes with life and jobs and bills and responsibilities and it was nice just to have some “us” time for awhile!

    Next up? We need to take a weekend getaway! 😉

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