Friends with Benefits

First of all, get your mind out of the gutter!  🙂  This post is about having an accountability partner…a friend who checks up on you and helps you reach your goals.

When I signed up for Weight Watchers I didn’t do it alone!  I signed up with a friend from work.  We both have been trying to lose weight off and on over the years.  We were both skeptical at first that we would be successful on the plan.  My friend has done WW before and never kept with it for more than a month.  I had been floundering for awhile…trying different types of diets with no real success long-term.  We both decided we had nothing to lose and went to our first meeting.

Having a friend along with me on this journey has been a huge blessing!  🙂  There have been times where both of us have wanted to quit or not weigh-in.  The other person is always there to force encourage the other to go no matter what the scale says.  Recently, we have been texting our daily highs and lows and that has been helpful.  It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who struggles throughout the day to stay on plan.  It’s also nice to not always focus on myself and be able to cheer her on!

It was a tough day at work today.  I had one student bring in WARM Krispy Kreme donuts and another student bring in chocolate bars.  What the heck?!!!  Anywhoodle, I was already going out to lunch and had allotted my points for the day and there was not a lot of room for extra snacking.   Instead of telling me “It’s okay…it’s one donut/chocolate bar…you deserve it…it’s Friday”  she told me that I didn’t need it and helped me realize that I DIDN’T need it.  You know what?  I survived just fine without them and that pushed my confidence level up.

I hope I can help her out in the same way soon!  Thank you, friend!  🙂

How can I help you reach a goal you are striving for?

Are you accountable to anyone?  Is it helpful to you?





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2 Responses to Friends with Benefits

  1. Mandy says:

    That’s absolutely awesome! And – I love the title of this post! HA! Honestly, I need that kind of help. Maybe I’ll start texting you when I want that piece of candy or want to skip a workout???

    I’ve started posting my training on my blog – included my weight. And I’ve found that helpful….I was freaked out that I’d have to post that I gained weight. LOL.

    Great job avoiding temptation!

    • Amy says:

      Yes! I’d love to help you out if I can, Mandy! I haven’t wanted to post my weight, but I guess people are probably smart enough to figure it out if they put it all together. LOL!

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