Jingle Bell Run Fun!


This was a fun run on a beautiful day!

As you can see from the logo, this run was sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation.  I know a few people that suffer with arthritis, so it was a race that I definitely wanted to support.

I met up with some friends and we drove downtown to the race.  It was chilly, but in the sun didn’t feel too bad.  I was overdressed for sure.  I should have worn capris instead of long pants. 

All warm and toasty inside with Judi and Susan!

 Once we got there, I had to exchange my packet.  In a moment of extremely high self-esteem stupidity, I asked for a medium shirt instead of large when I picked up my packet from Front Runner.  Thankfully, they exchanged it with no problems or laughter. 

We headed over to the Convention Center to wait until closer to start time before heading to High Street where the race would begin.  We knew a couple of Lucky 13s would be at the race but hadn’t seen them yet.  As we headed over to the start, we found Nita! 

Fab head gear don't you think?!!

 I wanted to push myself to see how I could do.  I started out way too fast.  How did I know this, you ask?  After hitting mile 2, I had to walk.  I hadn’t looked at my Garmin, but when I did I understood the reason for my burning lungs.  I was running a 10:30 pace!  I walked for a bit and then started running again.  I managed run the rest of it, but I slowed down quite a bit and made it to the finish line at 33:47 for a 10:53 pace.  I was quite pleased with that! 

Positive: Over half of the people there were dressed up in some way.  There was even a dressed up Santa carrying a real tree over his shoulder! 

Negative: There were NO water stops!!  I hadn’t brought my water belt, so on top of being overdressed, I was thirsty! 

Our friend, Lisa, walked it, so we waited for her before heading to breakfast.

Lucky 13s!Looking good!

 Breakfast, you ask?  We went to Northstar and I had a delicious breakfast of bacon, roasted sweet potatoes and onions and fruit.  Yum! 

How was your Saturday?  Are you running in any holiday races this month?

Finish Strong!


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2 Responses to Jingle Bell Run Fun!

  1. I really enjoyed having breakfast with you and getting dressed up for Jingle Bell! I can hardly believe we’ve been in MIT for almost a year…wow! Can’t wait to see how super speedy you get this year. You look fantastic–be proud of it, you have really worked hard!

  2. First – that breakfast sounds amazingly good!
    Second – I swear they had one water stop last year. No good that they didn’t this year.
    Third – Looks like you guys had an awesome time!
    Fourth – Amy, you look FANTASTIC to say the least!
    Fifth – You are rocking the pace, girl!


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