2012 Goals

I try and not use the word ‘resolution.’  I found out the other day that people stick with their resolutions an average of 10 days before falling back into old patterns.

I hope since I’ve already got a good start to my weight loss that I will not fall under that category!  Obviously, my main goal is to get to a healthy weight.  I have put my birthday as a deadline for this goal.  My birthday is August 14th.  I will be ffffforty-one.   Here is the breakdown of how I want to accomplish this:

Lose 44 lbs. by Birthday                                                                                                                  -11 lbs. by Feb. 29th                                                                                                                               -11 lbs. by April 30th                                                                                                                               -11 lbs. by June 30th                                                                                                                               -11 lbs. by August 14th! 

Yes, I realize it is a lofty goal, but one I choose to strive for.  Ask me how I’m doing!  Keep me accountable at a meal!

Also, I have made some Race Goals for the year.  Again, they are lofty

2012 Tentative Race Schedule                                                                                       March 10- St. Patty’s 4 Miler-Kinsale

April 22- Earth Day Half Marathon

May 6- Flying Pig Half Marathon

June 16/17- Relay Around Columbus

July 29-Giant Eagle Multisport-Either Sprint or Olympic Triathlon

Sept.    – Emerald City Quarter Marathon

Sept. 30- Wineglass Half Marathon

Oct. 21- Columbus Half Marathon

Nov.   – Flying Feather 4 Miler

Dec.    – Holiday Run

Sooo, what do you think?  Too  much?  Right on track?  I’d like to know!

Finish Strong!  Amy 🙂



About Amy

Wife, mom, daughter, friend, runner, scrapbooker, teacher
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One Response to 2012 Goals

  1. Jenn says:

    wow!!! i hope to do several of these with you 🙂

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