Finish Strong Sunday-We’re doing this together!

Howdy blogland!  I am very much enjoying the unseasonably warm weather Ohio has been experiencing the past few days.  I know reality is coming soon.  I’m in denial!

Weight Loss report: Down 2.8 for a total of 28.8 lbs. lost!

I had a great week.  I didn’t enjoy having to go back to work, but I did enjoy getting back into the routine after being off for the past 2 weeks.  I had prepped all of the veggies and fruit for the week, so making lunches and grabbing snacks was easy.

My exercise went well, too.  I swam twice and ran four times.  I am really enjoying my mid-week tempo run!  There is something about running in the dark on a track that just inspires me.  Yes, I know I’m a freak.  😀  I am hoping to start doing some strength training this week.  I decided to start spinning in February.  I want to work up slowly and am also waiting on the gym crowds to die down a bit.  Spin classes are always full and I’m not getting up at 5am to not get into a class!

It was fun to see a few  familiar faces at my Weight Watchers meeting this afternoon!  They are all either current or former MIT members.  One had even remarked that she saw I was doing WW on my blog!  🙂  I wish them all the best and plan on seeing them again next Sunday…or else!

Becoming healthy doesn’t have to be a solitary journey. In fact, it shouldn’t be. It’s too easy to lose focus and give up when you are doing it on your own.   You need a support system around you to encourage you or give you a kick in the pants when needed!

Are you working on becoming healthy?  Losing weight?  Wanting to run a 5K or Half Marathon?  I’d love to hear your goals for the upcoming year!   I want to help you succeed!  Will you help me, too?!!

Finish Strong!  🙂



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3 Responses to Finish Strong Sunday-We’re doing this together!

  1. Mandy says:

    Congratulations on more weight lost and a great routine! Your post was so update – loved it!

    My goals – lose 40 more pounds, run a half in under 2.5 hours, climb a mountain and run a full marathon in under 6 hours. Hmm….too much? 😀

  2. oh my gosh i have now seen this twice today in random places…it’s a sign i need to pay attention. I have made weight a very solitary thing, not asking for support from anyone on my goals. But the emotional support of friends is a big thing, really great point!

    congrats on the loss and getting back in the routine i agree is good for my eating

  3. Great job on the weight loss!! It is definitely showing!

    My goals: finish my next half in 11:30 minute miles, train for & complete a full marathon, maintain my weight loss and get healthier, and hopefully inspire some others to do the same along the way!

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