Finish Strong Sunday-A Winter Run and 30 lb. Milestone

Today’s weigh-in: Down 1.2 lbs. for a total of 30.4!  😀

I went to this weigh-in thinking I had lost nothing this week.  The scale remained steady at last week’s weight, actually up a bit, and refused to budge no matter what I did.  I thought this was finally the week that I was going to plateau.

I even tried to limit what I ate yesterday…bad idea, I know.  Well, it was an act of futility.  Since our training runs are starting to increase in mileage, I was more hungry that normal and could not stop eating!  It was all mostly healthy and it must have done the trick, because the scale finally showed a loss this morning! I guess I need to eat more?

30 pounds baby!

At my Weight Watchers meeting, I was excited to share my milestone!

30 lbs in 15 weeks isn’t too shabby.  I received a gold star to add to my ribbon.


Another exciting part of the week was our Saturday MIT run. I have been able to keep up with the 12 min/mile pace group…it’s actually feeling good!  🙂  I believe the temperature difference from the Saturday before was about 3o degrees different.  I went from wearing capris and a long sleeve shirt to bundling up in three layers on top.  I was able to wear my new (smaller!) jacket that my mom gave me for Christmas.  I had thought I might need my face mask, but I feel silly in it and since it was barely above zero, I decided to keep it in my pocket just in case.

Better watch out!

How was your week?  Do you rock a face mask or decide to forego it in the name of fashion?

Finish Strong!  Amy 🙂


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Wife, mom, daughter, friend, runner, scrapbooker, teacher
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6 Responses to Finish Strong Sunday-A Winter Run and 30 lb. Milestone

  1. Mandy says:

    Woohoo for 30 lbs!!!!

    I knew you could rock the 12 minute group!

  2. I can’t say it enough….you just look great and the pride of your accomplishment sparkles in your eyes. You’ve worked hard and I’m so glad you are seeing the results you desired.

    Did you get the Saucony gloves? Love mine. Hands stayed warm!

  3. 30 lbs? AWESOME! Way to go!

  4. Rev. Run says:

    I definitely do not go the route of fashion. say yes to the mask!

  5. Congrats on your accomplishment, Amy!!!

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