Ticket for One on the Crazy Train

Cutting and pasting from my DailyMile site…too tired to be creative!  🙂

Wet run!

Let me preface this by saying I wasn’t planning on running tonight. 🙂 I got home at 8:30, tired and ready for bed. I hopped onto my training website and realized that I had a 2 mile run today instead of tomorrow like I was thinking. I also realized that Rich would be leaving uber early tomorrow am and I wouldn’t be able to run then or the rest of the day. Looked outside…looked back at my bed…I knew what I had to do.

Pulled on my running clothes, got out my blinkers and waited for an eternity for my Garmin to sinc. It was pouring. I ran too fast, but I just wanted to get it done! 😀

I was soggy…yet completely satisfied when I finished.

Have you ever decided to run or do something on the spur of the moment?  Do tell!  Are  you a spontaneous or regimented person?

Finish Strong! Amy




About Amy

Wife, mom, daughter, friend, runner, scrapbooker, teacher
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One Response to Ticket for One on the Crazy Train

  1. You are dedicated! I would have so turned to the bed and went to bed! you’re awesome!

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