Finish Strong Sunday-White-Knuckling It

I had a great weigh-in this week!  I was down 3.4 lbs. for a total of 25 lbs!!  😀  At my meeting, I received a 25 lbs. award.  It’s a small disk that I added to my keychain.
Yay Me!

I went out to eat 3 times last week.  On Wednesday, I went to Ruby Tuesday.  See my rant here.  On Thursday, I went to Bob Evans.  This time I was smarter and decided what to order before I went!  I ordered the small grilled chicken Wildfire Salad with the dressing on the side.  I didn’t have the roll.  I wanted the roll! 

Finally, on Friday, I went to Marcella’s.  We ordered a cheese tray and a melted cheese appetizer.  I had a taste of all of them…delicious!  For my meal, I ordered a chopped salad and Capellini del Pomodoro (basically, noodles and sauce).  I forgot to ask for the dressing on the side, so my salad was covered with dressing.  I let it go and enjoyed it.  My dinner was good, but pretty basic.  I really wanted the risotto.  While everything tasted great,  I left feeling dissatisfied.
While I am very proud of my weight loss and how well I am doing, I can’t help but obsess worry that I am white-knuckling my eating.  I feel like I am being so controlled at eating within my points and trying not to eat all of my activity points/weekly allowance points, that I am not learning to eat like I’m not on a diet and/or allowing myself to enjoy eating.  I need to realize that this is a new way of living.  I need to relax a bit and be okay with sometimes going over on points.  If this is truly going to be a lifestyle change, then I need to remember that in life there are ups and downs.  I don’t want to be so rigid, lose the weight, and then go back to eating like I used to and gain it all back.  Been there.  Done that. 
This weekend will be a challenge for me.  3 parties and a lunch out.  Actually, this week I’m eating out twice, as well.  I’m suddenly feeling quite popular!  🙂 Maybe this is the weekend to relax a bit?  Maybe wait until after the holidays are over?  Thoughts?
How do I change my way of thinking?  If you’ve lost weight and kept it off, how did you do it?  Did you have ups and downs? 
Finish Strong!
Amy 🙂


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Weight Watchers + Eating Out = No Fun

This evening was the first time I have eaten out at a sit-down restaurant since I have started WW.  Yes, I know I have no life. 

I went out with some of my co-workers after being at a book fair and I was looking forward to a nice evening out.  We decided on Ruby Tuesday because of the awesomely big salad bar there. 

Once we got there, all of my good intentions went out the window.  I struggled to make the choice of having the salad bar.  I really wanted a big, juicy burger instead!  I ended up ordering the salad bar, but added some broccoli cheddar soup to go with it.  Then the server brought out the garlic cheddar biscuits.  I had the debate in my head, “Do I eat one?  They’re small.  No, I shouldn’t eat one.  They aren’t good for me.  I wonder how many points they are.”   This is why I need a smart phone!  I hope my husband is reading this…hint, hint!


<——Wowsers!  I probably wouldn’t have had that one…



Anywhoodle, I had a biscuit.  I enjoyed the soup.  I had a plate of salad.  I ate, but I didn’t really enjoy the food like I would have if it had been a burger and fries.  I did enjoy the conversation with friends.  I tried to focus on that, but I felt like I was constantly keeping myself in check.  No fun.

Once I got home, I calculated my dinner.  My stupid soup was 10 pts.  10 pts. for a CUP of soup.  Totally not worth it.  Luckily, I had plenty of points left and only went over my daily amount by a few. 

Broccoli Cheddar Soup. Photo by *Parsley*<——-Full of processed cheese and heavy whipping cream!  Blarf!



Here’s the thing, I’m going out to dinner tomorrow night, too.  At least I know where we’ll be going and I can figure out what I’m going to order before we get there and not be unpleasantly surprised.  I hope that it’s easier than tonight was.  Practice makes perfect, right?!!

If you watch what you eat, how do you handle eating out?  Have you ever been surprised about how many calories are in something  you ate?

Finish Strong!



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Finish Strong Sunday-10% = Success!

Happy Sunday, everyone!  I can’t believe it is December…9 weeks have passed since I started Weight Watchers.  It has been almost a year since I began MIT and started running consistently.  What a difference a year makes!

I had a great weigh-in today.  I lost 2.2 lbs. for a total of 22 lbs. gone and met my 10% goal!  When you reach your 10%, you get a keychain.  I’m not sure I’ll be using it, but I will keep it on my dresser to keep me motivated.

Isn’t it cute?!

Last week I promised you a picture.  Here is one from the Jingle Bell Run…


Strike a pose!


I’m getting there…slowly but surely.  Have a great week and finish strong!


Are you done with your Christmas shopping?  Do you love or hate the crowds? 

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Jingle Bell Run Fun!


This was a fun run on a beautiful day!

As you can see from the logo, this run was sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation.  I know a few people that suffer with arthritis, so it was a race that I definitely wanted to support.

I met up with some friends and we drove downtown to the race.  It was chilly, but in the sun didn’t feel too bad.  I was overdressed for sure.  I should have worn capris instead of long pants. 

All warm and toasty inside with Judi and Susan!

 Once we got there, I had to exchange my packet.  In a moment of extremely high self-esteem stupidity, I asked for a medium shirt instead of large when I picked up my packet from Front Runner.  Thankfully, they exchanged it with no problems or laughter. 

We headed over to the Convention Center to wait until closer to start time before heading to High Street where the race would begin.  We knew a couple of Lucky 13s would be at the race but hadn’t seen them yet.  As we headed over to the start, we found Nita! 

Fab head gear don't you think?!!

 I wanted to push myself to see how I could do.  I started out way too fast.  How did I know this, you ask?  After hitting mile 2, I had to walk.  I hadn’t looked at my Garmin, but when I did I understood the reason for my burning lungs.  I was running a 10:30 pace!  I walked for a bit and then started running again.  I managed run the rest of it, but I slowed down quite a bit and made it to the finish line at 33:47 for a 10:53 pace.  I was quite pleased with that! 

Positive: Over half of the people there were dressed up in some way.  There was even a dressed up Santa carrying a real tree over his shoulder! 

Negative: There were NO water stops!!  I hadn’t brought my water belt, so on top of being overdressed, I was thirsty! 

Our friend, Lisa, walked it, so we waited for her before heading to breakfast.

Lucky 13s!Looking good!

 Breakfast, you ask?  We went to Northstar and I had a delicious breakfast of bacon, roasted sweet potatoes and onions and fruit.  Yum! 

How was your Saturday?  Are you running in any holiday races this month?

Finish Strong!

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Finish Strong Sunday-Milestone

I have to admit, I went into this weigh-in with some trepidation.  I knew I had done well all week…except for Thanksgiving Day.  I chose not to track my food, but enjoyed the spread in moderation.  I had a piece of my mom’s delicious apple pie and loved every.single.bite.  I knew I had gone way over.  I also knew that on Friday, I would get back on track and I did.   I had either run or walked every day.  I hoped that one day would not be my downfall.

In the end it all paid off.  I lost another pound this week and am now down 20 lbs!!!!  I was thrilled!  I earned a gold star to add to my 10 lb. ribbon.  I am so thankful for the results.  I would have been quite pissed off discouraged to know that one day would mess me up so badly. 

I am going into a month full of parties, get togethers and gifts.  I think if I can get through this month without huge problems on the eating/weight front, I can breathe easier and may actually believe that I can succeed fully and lose all this excess weight! 

I had hoped to post a few before/after pics, but I got too tired and will try and remember to take some tomorrow.  

If I can do this, you can too!!!  Finish Strong!


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Thanksgiving Day Fun

 Race: Hinckley Turkey Burner 5K

We had originally gone for the Family Walk, but I was hoping to run the 5K.  When I went to register online, the 5K was closed.  I had to pay an extra $5 and didn’t get a shirt, but I was fine with that.  It was a small race @200 runners.

I was feeling very intimidated and started second guessing myself as I looked around at all the fit people there.  I also began hearing the talk of hills and as I looked around the area, I knew that I was in for some serious lung burning.

Rich, my dad and the kiddos took off for the walk/scavenger hunt at 8:30 and I went and sat in the van until close to the 9am start time.  I wish I knew how to get rid of the voice inside my head that tells me I’m not good enough…it was there loud and clear that morning.

We walked to the start (thankfully going downhill) and we were off.  I hit the first hill at about a quarter mile in.


The First Hill...straight up!

I have to say I was proud of myself running all the way up when people around me stopped to walk.  It gave me a confidence boost to continue on.  I hoped that was the only one, but as we headed back down and hit a mile, I could see the next hill looming in the distance…

The Second Hill...see a pattern here?!!

This one was a bit tougher, just because my legs were tired, but I powered on and made it up without stopping to walk.  At this point, I am actually passing people!!!  We continue  to go up and down small rolling hills and are at about 2.5 miles when I come around a corner and see this…

This monster makes Killer Hill look like nothing!

We ran down and then straight back up.  My legs were about done at this point, so I walked up this hill.  Most everyone around me was walking, too!  When I got to the top, I started running again..this time it was all downhill to the finish.

I was able to speed up a little and pass 2 more people before the finish line!  😀

My 5K time was 34:52!  An 11:15 pace…awesome for me especially with the hills!

I met up with my family and enjoyed some hot chocolate and pumpkin roll, along with other goodies.  They were just getting back from their hike.  Rich was surprised to see I was done already.  He thought I’d take longer with the hills…Ha!

We went back home and enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by my Mom!

I have to say, I have never done a Thanksgiving race before, but from now on, it will be a tradition that I hope to continue for a very long time.







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Finish Strong Sunday-Dressing Room Success

Happy Sunday, everyone!  First things first…I lost 3.6 pounds at weigh-in this afternoon!  My total loss is at 19 lbs. and I am officially in Onederland!  Woot!  😀  There is no longer a 2 in front of my weight.  My goal for the week was met.

My next goal is to hit 20 lbs.  I’d like to do that next week, but am not sure that is a goal I want to commit to with Thanksgiving on Thursday.  I am also uber close to my 10% goal.  It would be awesome to hit them both in the same week.

Yesterday, I went clothes shopping for the first time in months.  It was past necessary to buy some new clothes, especially pants.  I was holding them up with a belt and they were baggy everywhere.  I know for some of you a shopping spree is a fun event, but for me they  usually end up in self-flaggelation and a bag of my favorite potato chips.

I went to the store hopeful that I wouldn’t come out empty handed.  I perused the racks and picked out some pants and a couple of sweaters in sizes I hadn’t worn for awhile.  I headed into the dressing room and prayed for the best.  Well, they fit!  🙂  Just about everything I tried on fit and I did a small victory dance in there.  I do have somewhat of a muffin top with the pants that I bought, but I didn’t want to go bigger for fear they would stretch out and I’d be in this position again sooner than I needed to be.

Needless to say I was thrilled with the outcome and it strengthened my determination  to continue on this path to health.  I am thankful to God for his guidance and strength when mine is low and for the people he has placed in my life to support and encourage me along the way in this journey I am on.

Do you enjoy trying on clothes?  Do you have a good support system?  Are you ready for Turkey Day?!!  🙂  Have a great week and Finish Strong!



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Friends with Benefits

First of all, get your mind out of the gutter!  🙂  This post is about having an accountability partner…a friend who checks up on you and helps you reach your goals.

When I signed up for Weight Watchers I didn’t do it alone!  I signed up with a friend from work.  We both have been trying to lose weight off and on over the years.  We were both skeptical at first that we would be successful on the plan.  My friend has done WW before and never kept with it for more than a month.  I had been floundering for awhile…trying different types of diets with no real success long-term.  We both decided we had nothing to lose and went to our first meeting.

Having a friend along with me on this journey has been a huge blessing!  🙂  There have been times where both of us have wanted to quit or not weigh-in.  The other person is always there to force encourage the other to go no matter what the scale says.  Recently, we have been texting our daily highs and lows and that has been helpful.  It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who struggles throughout the day to stay on plan.  It’s also nice to not always focus on myself and be able to cheer her on!

It was a tough day at work today.  I had one student bring in WARM Krispy Kreme donuts and another student bring in chocolate bars.  What the heck?!!!  Anywhoodle, I was already going out to lunch and had allotted my points for the day and there was not a lot of room for extra snacking.   Instead of telling me “It’s okay…it’s one donut/chocolate bar…you deserve it…it’s Friday”  she told me that I didn’t need it and helped me realize that I DIDN’T need it.  You know what?  I survived just fine without them and that pushed my confidence level up.

I hope I can help her out in the same way soon!  Thank you, friend!  🙂

How can I help you reach a goal you are striving for?

Are you accountable to anyone?  Is it helpful to you?




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Finish Strong Sunday

After a great weekend out of town, I was worried about weighing in.  I worked my butt off this past week…doing my workouts and staying within my points.  I was doing great and was proud of my dedication/perseverance.

Then we had an unexpected trip this weekend to visit my grandmother who is very ill and I did not plan well.  I was at the mercy of others when it came to eating and activities and that was frustrating.  Rich did go out and buy some bananas and a Balance bar for me, but the rest of the time, I ate as well as I could.  I went over on points both days.

All that said, I maintained my weight this week.  I want to cheer and say “yay me” but the perfectionist part of me is disappointed.  I just need to move on and start fresh tomorrow.  My day is planned, my gym bag is ready to go and my lunch is packed.  I have a specific goal for my next weigh-in that is a very doable goal.  I hesitate to post it just incase I don’t succeed.  Maybe that is why I should post it…accountability!

How do you deal with things when you don’t meet your own expectations?

Have a great week and finish strong!

Amy 🙂

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Holiday Challenge!

I’m always up for a challenge and when I saw this post by Deb I knew I needed to sign up!

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge!

Join me!  Let me know if you do and we can motivate and encourage eachother!  🙂

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